Real Estate

Real Estate Purchases and Sales

We can provide assistance with the purchase or sale of residential real estate in New York. At the Law Office of Robert Bondar, we offer experienced legal representation for purchasers and sellers of commercial and residential real estate, including homes, condos and co-ops.

We assist clients in Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, Staten Island and Bronx with these and other matters:
For most people, the sale of their home will be the single biggest financial transaction of their lifetime. Having an experienced attorney to provide the necessary advice is critical in matters of such importance and financial impact. We help facilitate the process of purchase and sale of real estate by providing every kind of assistance with the purchase or sale and closing of title for your home, condo or co-op.

Real Property Litigation

The firm handles a broad range of litigation in this area, including foreclosures, breach of contract and return of downpayment disputes, partitions by sale of properties held in common and joint tenancies, property damage and destruction, construction litigation, mechanicТs liens, and more. 


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