Employment Law

At the Law Office of Robert Bondar, we represent employers, employees and independent contractors in various disputes.

Employees and Independent contractors

We represent employees for wrongful termination claims against their past employers.  We help discharged employees protect their rights when employers violate statutory prohibitions against discrimination due to race, gender, sexual preference or age. We enforce express employment contracts or "implied" contracts based on the circumstances of hiring. We brought lawsuits on behalf of our clients in state and federal courts for unpaid overtime wages and successfully settled many claims of our clients without litigation.


Robert Bondar, Esq. has successfully represented management, owners, presidents and executives in cases before the Commission on Human Rights, state and federal courts, New York State Unemployment Insurance Appeal Board, and administrative and executive agencies of New York City and state.
The Law Office of Robert Bondar often assists employers by advising how to avoid claims. We draft company severance agreements, labor agreements, confidentiality agreements, non-competition agreements, personnel handbooks and employee policies that will prevent the possibility of future claims.


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