Commercial Litigation

In our firms Commercial Litigation practice, we represent clients as both plaintiffs and defendants in a wide range of commercial disagreements and arguments - from construction and enforceability of contracts to corporate actions between shareholders of corporations and members of LLCs. We help clients analyze legal issues and strategize protective measures, limit exposures, evaluate risks, and negotiate agreements effectively. Our representation is tailored specifically to each clients business objective.

Contract Disputes

We have considerable expertise and experience in resolving disputes related to the construction and enforceability of complex contracts and agreements. Our clients range widely - from international freight-forwarders, ambulette companies, private schools and daycare centers to private bankers and real estate investors. Robert Bondar, Esq. has represented clients in New York and New Jersey state courts, federal courts, and appellate courts in disputes over contracts for the sale of goods, real estate contracts, non-competition agreements, shareholders and partnerships agreements, and many more.

Shareholder Litigation

We frequently litigate corporate governance issues and the rights of individual business owners. We handle disputes among stockholders of close corporations about the rights of the shareholders, resolutions of deadlocks, remedies available to the shareholders, and business valuation procedures.


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