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At the Law Office of Robert Bondar, we understand the various issues involved with business transactions, corporate and business governance, and employment matters. We help our clients to avoid litigation by negotiating and drafting precise, detailed and enforceable agreements and contracts.


At the Law Office of Robert Bondar, we represent employers, employees and independent contractors in various disputes.

Real Estate
We can provide assistance with the purchase or sale of residential real estate in New York. At the Law Office of Robert Bondar, we offer experienced legal representation for purchasers and sellers of commercial and residential real estate, including homes, condos and co-ops.

The Law Office of Robert Bondar represents landlords and tenants in commercial and residential proceedings in the Housing Courts of New York and New Jersey. We file necessary notices, attend court proceedings, draft orders to show cause and summary judgment motions, and engage in discovery.

In our firms Commercial Litigation practice, we represent clients as both plaintiffs and defendants in a wide range of commercial disagreements and arguments - from construction and enforceability of contracts to corporate actions between shareholders of corporations and members of LLCs. 



The Law Office of Robert Bondar offers effective and competent representation to businesses, business owners and individuals in New York and New Jersey since 2006.

With a focus on offering high quality, personal and professional service to every client, our firm works diligently to understand the unique details of your case before offering informative and useful advice on how best to address your specific issues. When the non-legal efforts to remedy your situation fail to achieve the desired result, out firm utilizes all mechanisms available under the law to obtain the best possible results for its clients.

In todays difficult economic climate, the business owners and individuals face challenges like they never have before. Those challenges have led to the increased importance of protecting yourself and your business from threats, internal and external, to the general operations of your entity and to the products or services that you provide.

Bondar Law
Attorney Robert Bondar has represented clients in state and federal courts of New York and New Jersey, various administrative agencies and tribunals. We have significant experience in all aspects of litigation practice, including trial work, motion hearings, special proceedings, orders to show cause and much more. We draft and prepare enforceable and precise contracts that help avoid future litigation. We assist landlords and tenants, business owners and private foundations, individuals and families to protect their rights and interests.